Commercial Finance Guide

Group pensions

Setting up corporate pension schemes and managing their impact on company finances is a specialist business and one you want to get right for your organisation.

With so many options available, deciding how to manage your group pension scheme finances can be an overwhelming process. It is important you seek specialist advice to help ensure you make the right choices for your organisation and your employees.

At Salisbury House Wealth we offer clear, complete pensions advice. We help you understand your options so you can make cost-efficient investments, helping to ensure you have the right arrangements in place.

Patnership protection

Ensuring your organisation is adequately protected against the death or serious illness of a business partner is vital, particularly for small and medium sized companies.

Life insurance and critical illness policies can be taken out by organisations for this purpose.

Partnership life insurance policies pay out in the event of a partner’s death, enabling the remaining shareholders to buy back the deceased shareholder’s business interest. This compensates the beneficiaries for the monetary value of the shares whilst keeping the shares within the partnership.

Similarly, in the event of critical illness of a shareholder of a joint business, insurances are available which pay a lump sum, for the purpose of returning the business interest to the remaining partner.p

Key man insurance

If your organisation depends on one individual for a significant contribution towards your company’s profit, you may want to think about Key Man Insurance, to protect against the loss of that individual.

Key Man Insurance pays out a lump sum upon the death of the named key individual, enabling the organisation to meet its financial commitments.

The value of the insurance depends on the contribution to profit the individual makes and the resulting losses the company would incur in the event of their death.

At Salisbury House Wealth we offer advice on Key Man Insurance and we can assist you in determining the value of your key individual.

Death in service benefit

For senior executives and long term service personnel, group pension schemes often incorporate a Death in Service Benefit, to compensate family and dependents of employees who die in service.

This will normally be a lump sum payment or pension payable to the employee’s widow(er) or dependents.

Other schemes also offer benefits on retirement.

Death in Service Benefit is a complex area and one Salisbury House Wealth is proud to specialise in. We will work with you to understand your objectives and find the most effective and efficient scheme for your company.

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