Whether you’d like to invest a lump sum, set up a savings plan or are generally exploring investment opportunities, our team of financial advisers are on hand to advise and guide you through the options available.

We review your financial circumstances to identify how much money you can invest, the level of risk you are willing to bear, the tax implications and your expectations regarding long term or short-term returns.

Together we build a tailored investment portfolio that aims to set you on the path to a secure future and we regularly review your objectives to ensure your strategy meets your ongoing needs and circumstances.

Salisbury House Wealth and Openwork recognise that no single investment house has a monopoly on investment expertise, and neither Salisbury House Wealth or Openwork employ in-house investment managers. Instead a carefully select number of external managers of outstanding ability manage our range of risk rated funds.

This has a number of advantages:

·       It provides the freedom to select first-class managers from the global investment market to manage our funds on behalf of our clients

·       It enables a change to these managers at short notice if confidence is lost in them, without any charges, or tax, or inconvenience to our clients

·       It offers our clients a real opportunity to diversify their investments by spreading their money across funds managed by different managers with different styles.

Our service is built around comprehensive financial planning and sound investment principles that ensure you are in the right fund for your attitude to risk, your financial objectives and your overall portfolio balance.

Openwork Graphene Model Range

Strategic asset allocation

The Openwork Graphene Model Portfolios represent a very powerful investment solution and offer investors the choice of three different series, all designed to match the risk and reward expectations of a Cautious, Balanced or Adventurous investor.

Each portfolio has been developed to ensure that investors can access the most important components of any investment portfolio in an appropriate way, giving exposure to UK and overseas equities as well as company and government bonds and other asset classes.

The range currently comprises three series, Openwork Graphene C1, C2 and C3. The main difference being that C2 and C3 provide access to a larger range of managers with a strong historical track record and particular specialism in smaller geographical areas.

Omnis Investments

Each portfolio comprises a selection from our ‘own-label’ range - selected on our behalf by our associated company, the specialist investment management firm Omnis.

Crucially, the funds in the Omnis range are managed by a specially selected expert fund management group, each able to demonstrate long periods of skill and fund management performance in their particular specialism.

 The Omnis Investment Committee - working on your behalf

Striving to find some of the best managers available and holding their performance to account is the Omnis Investment Committee’s key task. Its team of investment professionals has responsibility for ensuring that each manager delivers the performance that is expected of them. If they fail to do so over a period of time, Omnis has the right to seek an alternative manager and can make such a change without any administrative burden on you or your adviser.

The Committee meets monthly to assess each fund’s performance, to ensure that any risks taken by the manager are within agreed parameters and that the funds are delivering to expectations. Although it reviews every fund in the range every time it meets, the Committee formally meets with each manager every year.

 Meeting your investment needs

This strong oversight is a vital component of Openwork’s investment solutions. Combining the skills and strengths of Openwork and Omnis means that the Openwork Graphene Model Portfolios provide a highly-distinctive and rigorously-managed way to meet your investment needs.

The Omnis Managed Portfolio Service

The Omnis Managed Portfolio Service takes the power of the Openwork Graphene Model Portfolios’ diversification and rebalancing approach and builds on this through active daily management.  Your investment portfolio will be overseen by a professional investment manager who can expertly navigate global markets and make adjustments to deliver the potential for improved investment returns at times of opportunity and reduced risk in periods of uncertainty.

It’s a simple upgrade to the Graphene portfolios that could provide a real opportunity to enhance returns and better manage risk.

Benefiting from independent research

The team behind the Omnis Managed Portfolios takes the responsibility it has for managing your money seriously. That’s why it includes a Chief Investment Officer, who will actively manage your portfolio day to day, an investment committee, responsible for selecting and monitoring the managers of the funds in your portfolio, and independent research from an experienced third party, called Mercer.


As a leading global provider of investment consulting services, Mercer offers guidance to the Omnis team at every stage of the process; from monitoring global activity, to investment decision making and risk management. Mercer has been dedicated to meeting the needs of corporate clients for more than 40 years and works with those running pension funds, foundations, endowments, and other investors in some 43 countries.

OMPS Active Portfolio Management

Omnis Managed Portfolio Service Brochure

OMPS Governance

OMPS Mercer

Openwork Graphene Model Portfolio Range