Insurance Guide

Critical Illness

Have you considered how you would make ends meet if you were unable to work due to critical illness?

Critical illness cover pays a tax free lump sum when the policy holder is diagnosed with one of the illnesses specified on the plan. Helping to avoid unnecessary financial worry and allowing the patient to focus fully on recovery.

It will give you peace of mind it will help you to meet your financial commitments and cover medical fees or costs of modifications to your home to accommodate a disability.

Full Terms and conditions available on request.

If you are fit and healthy, now is the best time to invest in critical illness insurance. Once symptoms arise it can be too late to invest in a plan.

Salisbury House Wealth has a specialist team of consultants who can offer advice on the right critical illness plan for your individual circumstances.

Income Protection

How would you cope financially if you suddenly found yourself unable to work due to an accident, sickness or redundancy?

Income Protection Insurance pays out a regular tax free income if you become unable to work due to illness, injury or with some plans unemployment.

Our team of experts will find the most appropriate policy for you and ensure your premiums are kept as low as possible.

Life Insurance

Making sure your family will be adequately provided for in the event of your death is something you cannot leave to chance.

Life insurance will pay out either a single lump sum or a regular income when you die, providing financial security to those who depend on you, if the worst happens.

At Salisbury House Wealth we offer professional advice on the different life insurance policies available, helping to bring you peace of mind.